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Drugsdb.com is dedicated to providing helpful and accurate drug information to its visitors.  Our expert writers and contributors use their knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to research and gather information about the most commonly used drugs and medications.  This information is then presented to the health consumer in a manner that makes it easily understood. Our website also gives the consumer the chance to share their experiences with other users.


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Drugsdb.com is strictly a pharmaceutical information resource for consumers and we do not promote, link to or advertise the sale of drugs and medications of any kind.  We also do not condone the sale of prescription medication over the Internet without a prescription.   The website is provided as a public service and is privately owned by a pharmacist.  Carol Parker, Pharm.D is the Editor and oversees all content creation on the website.

All content pages on Drugsdb.com are reviewed by the Editor.  All material is originally prepared by contributors whose names appear hyper-linked in the upper left corner of each article.  Each author has a dedicated about page which lists their qualifications, bio and articles attributed to them.  The content on Drugsdb.com is reviewed extensively by the Editor for accuracy and completeness.  The content is also regularly reviewed to ensure that the information provided is up to date.

Frequent contributors to this site include:  Rhona FinkelTariq Ahmad, Anna Duggett, Maria Bogdanova and Chantelle Wiseman.


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We are completely independent and do not represent any of the pharmaceutical companies.  We are not beholden to any company or advertiser, and so we are free publish objective information.  We do not have any vested interests in your treatment or medication choices.

The managers of this site may accept direct advertising requests that would be of benefit to the general readership of the site.  But we reserve the right to reject any advertising at our discretion.  In the interim, the Google Adsense Program is being used to help fund the costs of research, writing, updating, and maintaining of the site.  This website is funded entirely by revenues it generates via such advertising.

The managers of this site have ensured that Advertiser links and Banners are distinguished from editorial content and are marked as "Advertisements" or "Ads by Google"..

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