Haldol and Alcohol

by on July 13, 2012

Combining CNS active medicines like Haldol and alcohol is not recommended because these substances may potentiate each other’s effects causing more and severe adverse reactions in some patients.

Interactions and Side Effects

The combination of alcohol and Haldol can cause depression of the central nervous system, impaired reactions, judgment and thinking as well as low blood pressure especially when standing up suddenly.

Patients may also be more sensitive to the effects of alcohol while they are on Haldol.  Patients may not be able to drink the usual amounts of alcohol they are accustomed to and they experience the sensation of “getting drunk” very easily. This can be very dangerous in instances where they may need to drive a motor vehicle or operate some type of machinery.

If you have mixed alcohol and Haldol and you are experiencing any unusual effects such as extreme sedation and drowsiness, call your doctor immediately.

Another reason for the avoidance of alcohol by patients treated with Haldol is that alcohol may aggravate the course of some psychoses, especially if it is drunk in large quantities.

Moderate Consumption

Drinking alcohol occasionally and in moderate quantities is sometimes acceptable. You should thoroughly discuss any issues concerning alcohol consumption with your healthcare provider.

Drinking alcohol at the beginning of the treatment (in any amounts) is not recommended. Your body needs some time to get used to the medicine.

In case you do not experience any adverse effects during the treatment, Haldol does not make you drowsy and you have discussed this with your physician, you could drink small quantities of alcohol (a glass of wine for example) from time to time. In case you experience unusual sedation or any other adverse effects after consuming alcohol, do not drink alcohol beverages at all and consult your doctor.

Although you have not experienced any adverse effects while taking Haldol, the use of alcohol can still cause some unwanted effects. The use of alcohol affects every patient in a different way so some people may feel well consuming moderate quantity of alcohol while taking Haldol but others not.

People with a history of alcohol abuse should not drink alcohol during the treatment. Haldol should be prescribed very cautiously to them and close monitoring is necessary.

Do not hesitate to discuss the consumption of alcohol during the treatment with Haldol with your healthcare provider. He or she will give you advice if, when and at what quantity drinking alcohol is safe.