by on July 22, 2012
Brand Names:Viibryd
Generic name:vilazodone
Pregnancy Category:C
Half-life:20 - 24 hours

What is Viibryd?

Viibryd is a brand name version of the medication vilazodone, which is an antidepressant. Viibryd is a member of the class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRI’s. SSRI’s are a popular class of drugs that are used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

Viibryd works to balance chemicals in the brain that have become unbalanced causing a depressed mood to occur; this medication is used to treat major depressive disorders.

Viibryd Uses

ViibrydViibryd is used in the treatment of a major depressive disorder. If you are taking any other medications for a mental disorder you should notify your doctor before starting Viibryd as it may not be the appropriate medication for you. It is also important to talk to your doctor before starting this medication if you have any of the following conditions; bipolar disorder, low sodium in your blood, history of drug abuse, liver or kidney disease, bleeding or blood clotting disorder, or a history of suicidal thinking.

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