Creatine and Alcohol

by on June 24, 2012

There have been no scientific or well-controlled studies conducted to determine the effects of combining creatine and alcohol. Theoretically, it may be safe to drink alcohol while on creatine supplements, however, alcohol may have negative effects on muscle growth which is the main goal of the supplement. Although alcohol is not expected to cause serious adverse reactions when taken with creatine, it can virtually reduce the anabolic effects of creatine thereby stunting muscle growth. Therefore, it is recommended that creatine users avoid consuming alcohol. Meanwhile, people who have problems with alcohol or drinks more than 3 alcoholic beverages per day should consult their healthcare provider before starting creatine supplements.

Effects of Alcohol

Some resources say that alcohol may interfere with the production of protein, insulin and growth hormone. All of these compounds are necessary for building new muscles as well as for muscle growth. Creatine helps the muscle contract during high-intensity activities while muscle growth occurs after exercise. Alcohol, especially when taken in large doses, tends to interfere with the growth of muscles after workout and reduces the effects of creatine.

On the other some resources say that moderate intake of alcohol may not have direct impact on your fitness goals. In fact, occasional glass of red wine may even have some health benefits such as improving circulation and facilitation digestion. However, drinking alcohol, even in moderate amounts, immediately after exercise, right before bedtime, and together with creatine supplements should be avoided. Obviously, this can lead to unwanted effects.


Both alcohol and creatine can cause serious health risks when taken beyond the recommended amount. Alcohol does not only interfere with fat oxidation and muscle growth, it also increases the risk of liver and kidney problems. People taking creatine should not abuse alcohol as it can add up to the work of the kidney and liver.

Meanwhile, creatine is also considered safe for most people when used as recommended. The recommended dose ranges from 10 to 20 grams per day taken in divided doses. Consumed in excess, creatine can cause some adverse effects such as dehydration, fluid imbalances and kidney problems. The risk is even intensified if you consume alcohol in conjunction with increased blood creatine levels. Alcohol may interfere with the clearance of creatine leading to potential harm.