Adderall and Alcohol

by on April 28, 2012

If you are taking Adderall, it is recommended that you avoid consuming alcohol to avoid unwanted side effects and interactions. In addition, Adderall increases your tolerance to alcohol enabling you to consume potentially lethal doses of alcohol.

Understanding Adderall Misuse

Concurrent use with alcohol is one of the most common types of misuse by those taking Adderall. Although adverse outcomes of such combination are well documented, this risky practice is still very apparent and is becoming an issue of growing concern. Some people intentionally mix alcohol with prescription stimulants to achieve certain psychoactive effects. More alarmingly, such users take Adderall without prescription.

People taking alcohol and Adderall, at the same time, reportedly experienced a reduction in the depressive effects of alcohol. In short, combining these substances can get you “high”.  This is the primary reason why some people take this drug before or while they are drinking. Reportedly, Adderall allows the user to drink more and to delay that “drunk-like feeling”. It also allows the user to stay up much longer in the night and decreases the chances of passing out or sleeping.

Potential Side Effects

Since this drug tends to prolong drinking, a person may end up consuming unhealthy, possibly dangerous, amounts of alcohol. Adderall blocks the depressant effect of alcohol making it easier for you to miss out the body’s warning signs that you’ve already taken a lot. People who are into this practice are at risk of consuming a fatal dose of alcohol or alcohol poisoning. Therefore, it is not advised that you take alcohol along with Adderall.

People taking Adderall without a prescription are at risk of experiencing side effects that include short- and long-term psychological effects such as anxiety, paranoia, psychotic episodes, and severe depression. It can also lead in adverse physical symptoms that include headaches, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, palpitations, and weight loss.

For your health and safety, it is best to avoid consuming alcohol while you are in Adderall. Considering the potential effects of mixing these substances against the desired effects, it actually makes no sense to put your health at risk.

Furthermore, taking prescription medications “off-label” and without the guidance of a healthcare professional is unsafe and unhealthy. Drug misuse only predisposes a person to serious adverse reactions.