Citalopram Dosage

by on April 18, 2012

The most common dosage for citalopram (celexa) often starts at 20mg.  A Recent FDA advisory sets the maximum daily recommended dosage at 40mg in order to avoid serious side effects and complications.

If you are unsure of your prescribed Citalopram dosage, you should contact your doctor or other health care professional.  You should never increase or decrease your dosage without first consulting with your doctor.  Your doctor will be prescribe a dosage form or plan that will be suited to your age and the condition being treated.  He or she may also consider other factors such other medications you are taking.

Citalopram Dosages in adults

Patient’s whose age is within the range of 18 years old to 59 years old are under the adult category. The majority of patients who have been prescribed citalopram fall within the 18 to 59 years old age group or "adult category".

The standard initial dose prescribed for patients in this age group is 20mg/day. The dosage may be increased after a week up to the regular maintenance dose which is 40mg/day.

Your doctor will typically increase your dosage of citalopram if your symptoms of depression persist.  If uncomfortable or serious side effects occur, your dosage may be lowered.

Dosages in Older adults (Geriatric dose)

Older patients (60+ years) tend to metabolize Citalopram more slowly.   So while the standard dosage is applied in this age group, special caution and close monitoring is normally exercised.

In Children

The initial dose for children 11 years of age and younger is 10 mg/day increasing it slowly to 20 mg/day after four weeks. Your doctor may increase the dose by 5mg/day every 2 weeks if necessary until 20mg/day is reached.

For older children between the ages of 12 - 18, an initial dose of 20mg/day maybe administered, increasing every 2 weeks by 5 mg/day until it reaches 40mg/day.

Tips for Taking Citalopram

  • If you stop taking Citalopram abruptly, serious side effects and withdrawal may occur.  Do not stop taking Citalopram without first discussing your options with your doctor.
  • Citalopram should be taken at the same time daily to ensure the drug is passed through your system evenly.
  • It may take up to a month or more before you experience releive from your symptoms while on Citopram.