Femara and Alcohol

by on June 20, 2012

Femara is a prescription medication that is given to postmenopausal women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Its active ingredient is Letrozole which is responsible for lowering estrogen levels and slowing the growth of some types of breast cancers. Many patients ask the question of whether it is safe to consume Femara and alcohol together. In many cases, it is not recommended that this medication be combined with alcohol.

Why it is not Safe to Combine Femara and Alcohol

Because many medications cause the liver and kidneys to work far harder than normal to process them in the body, it is not recommended that they be taken in conjunction with any form of alcohol. This is also true of Femara.

Patients who are considering consuming Femara and alcohol together should inform their doctor beforehand as it may result in permanent kidney or liver damage, especially if excessive amounts of alcohol are consumed. Because Femara is reported to cause weight gain in many patients, this is another reason for them to avoid alcohol while using this drug. Patients who ignore this advice may find that a combination of this medication and alcohol may result in significant weight gain.

A Potentially Suppressed Immune System

Another reason for patients to avoid this combination is because alcohol is known to suppress or compromise the immune system, especially when consumed in large amounts. As it is, patients who are using this medication already have a severely weakened immune system, so they should ensure that they avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. By doing this, they will be able to help build their immune system and stand a better chance of fighting against the cancer that has invaded their body. Drinking alcohol while taking Femara may also deplete Vitamin Dreserves in the body which are also crucial for building a healthy immune system in cancer patients.

Is Consuming Any Amount of Alcohol Safe when Using Femara?

While no specific warnings seem to have been issued regarding the use of Femara and alcohol together, it is not normally recommended to combine medication and alcohol. If the patient wishes to consume alcohol while using Femara, it is important for them to consult with their doctor beforehand. This is because some patients are more sensitive to drug ingredients and alcohol than others. While some may not experience any side effects if they combine these two substances, others may experience severe side effects. Femara may also cause drowsiness under normal circumstances which means that combining it with alcohol may cause the patient to feel more drowsy than usual.

It is important for the patient to follow the instructions of their doctor when using this medication. This will help prevent the possibility of any unnecessary interactions from occurring. Patients should be aware of any changes or symptoms that they may experience if Femara and alcohol are accidentally combined and notify their doctor immediately. If allergic reactions are experienced, the patient should seek immediate medical attention.