by on June 14, 2012
Brand Names:Intermezzo
Generic name:zolpidem
Pregnancy Category:C
Half-life:2 - 3 hours

What Is Intermezzo?

Intermezzo was recently approved by the FDA as a low-dose alternative to sleep aids like Ambien.  It is a hypnotic sedative made from the generic drug, zolpidem tartrate. Intermezzo comes in a lower dosage formula than Ambien, but many side effects of zolplidem are evident regardless of the amount consumed. Sedatives like Intermezzo work by selectively binding specific GABA receptors in the brain to product a hypnotic-like state. This makes it possible for Intermezzo to induce sleep without interfering with subsequent stages of the patient’s sleep cycle.

Intermezzo Uses

Intermezzo is approved as a sleep aid for individuals who have trouble falling asleep again if they wake up during the night. It is available in two dosages – a 1.75 mg tablet for women and a 3.5 mg tablet for men. Each pill is individually packaged in a protective blister pack and should not be opened until it is administered. Patients may use Intermezzo once per night as needed, but only if they can devote at least 4 hours to undisturbed sleep. The tablet is placed under the tongue and should be dissolved completely before swallowing.

Daily Routine

intermezzoMany sleep aids can affect a person’s ability to perform regular daily activities, including work related tasks, family responsibilities, and driving. Individuals should always have at least 4 more hours of sleep time before taking Intermezzo and it should only be taken at night when the person will be in bed. Intermezzo can cause impaired judgment, uninhibited behaviors, and poor motor coordination. Some people may still experience mild signs of these symptoms even after 4 hours of sleep so it is very important to know how Intermezzo will affect you before attempting activities that require concentration and alertness.

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