by on June 4, 2012
Brand Names:Levaquin, Levaquin Leva-Pak
Generic name:levofloxacin
Pregnancy Category:C
Half-life:6 - 8 hours

What is Levaquin?

Levaquin is the brand name for the drug levofloxacin (also known by its alternate brand name, Tavanic), which is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that works to kill a variety of different bacteria. It is a synthetic agent manufactured in a laboratory, and also works as a chemotherapeutic antibiotic in cancer patients. However, it is most often used in cases of extreme or life-threatening bacterial infections, which all other antibiotic treatments have failed to cure.

LevaquinLevaquin is prescribed as treatment for serious cases of pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic sinus infections, as well as infections of the urinary tract, kidney, prostate, and skin. Additionally, it is sometimes used to treat tuberculosis, some STDs, and endocarditis (a heart infection). It is can even be used as a preventative measure against traveler’s diarrhea and against infection caused by exposure to anthrax.

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