Minocycline and Alcohol

by on July 13, 2012

Minocycline is a tetracycline antibiotic used for the treatment of various infections including moderate to severe inflammatory acne. The treatment of acne usually lasts for several months which brings the question if it is safe to drink alcohol while taking minocycline. This is a long period and a lot of patients are concerned if they will be able to consume any alcohol over this period of time.

Can you drink Alcohol While Taking Minocycline?

It is generally better to avoid alcohol consumption while you are taking antibiotics or any other medicines. Minocycline has not shown any particular interactions with alcohol when it is drunk occasionally and in moderate quantity.

However, you should consider the fact that alcohol consumption can increase the likelihood of developing adverse interactions and side effects, especially these connected with the central nervous system. Minocycline causes dizziness and vertigo in some people. That is why they should avoid driving motor vehicles or operating machinery. Alcohol can provoke these effects or make them stronger.

Patients may be less tolerant to alcohol while taking minocycline and feel “drunk” even after consuming moderate quantity of alcohol. That is why it is better to avoid combining alcohol and minocycline if the drug causes such adverse effects to you. They could be significantly increased by alcohol. Even if you have not experienced such effects while on minocycline, be very careful when you drink alcohol. Drink moderate quantities, preferably less than the usual ones. If it is possible, avoid alcohol.

Moreover, avoiding alcohol may have a beneficial effect on the course of acne in some cases. Alcohol use is also not recommended while patients are treated for other serious infections.

Both alcohol and minocycline are metabolized by the liver. That is why drinking too much alcohol and taking minocycline, especially for a long period of time can be harmful for your liver.

Moderate Consumption

Drinking alcohol occasionally and in moderate quantities (a glass of wine, for example) is considered safe in most people. But if minocycline causes you dizziness, drowsiness, headache or vertigo, it is better to avoid any alcohol. In case you experience such adverse effects, talk to your doctor first as discontinuing or decreasing the dose of the medicine may be necessary.

In case you have any doubts and questions about drinking alcohol while you are being treated with minocycline, do not hesitate to discuss the issues with your healthcare provider.