Omeprazole and Alcohol

by on May 14, 2012

When omeprazole and alcohol are taken in combination there are generally no adverse effects. However, as each patient is different and may be more affected by certain drug combinations than others, it is advisable for people taking omeprazole to consult a healthcare provider before drinking alcohol.

Potential Side Effects

Although there is usually no problem with drinking whilst on omeprazole, be aware that alcohol can upset the stomach, thus potentially counteracting the effect of omeprazole, which is to treat gastric ulcers and reduce stomach acid. In some cases, alcohol may interact with omeprazole by increasing the risk and severity of the medication’s side effects. Side effects of omeprazole include constipation, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence and headaches. Therefore if the patient is already vulnerable to any of these conditions or symptoms, he or she should proceed with caution when combining alcohol with this drug.


If a patient is particularly at risk of these side effects, it is advised that alcohol be consumed in moderation whilst taking omeprazole. The medical community generally defines moderate alcohol consumption as no more than 2 units per day and no more than 14 units per week.

To manage alcohol intake responsibly, try keeping a written record of alcoholic drinks consumed and drinking a glass of water after each drink. If necessary, it can also be helpful to consult a healthcare provider on controlling alcohol consumption.

Signs and Symptoms

To tell if a patient is suffering adverse effects from combining omeprazole and alcohol, there are several signs and symptoms to look out for. He or she may be experiencing severe allergic reactions that physically manifest themselves as a rash, hives, unusual hoarseness or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue. Their urine may be dark and there may be blood in their stools. If the patient is exhibiting any of these symptoms to a severe extent, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Although expert advice suggests alcohol consumption is okay whilst taking omeprazole, it’s important to remain alert to the possibilities of the combination having an adverse effect. If any unusual symptoms or side effects occur after combining omeprazole with alcohol, consult a healthcare provider.