Plavix During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

by on May 18, 2012

Before you agree to a medical regimen of Plavix, you should tell your doctor if you plan on becoming pregnant or are suspicious of already being pregnant.  Your doctor can sit down with you and go over any risks associated with the usage of Plavix during pregnancy.  If you do happen to conceive while taking Plavix, then this is another concern that you should broach with your doctor, but the consensus with doctors is that the benefits outweigh even the slightest risk of taking this medication.

Is Plavix Safe in Pregnancy

Most medical professionals agree that Plavix is safe to take during pregnancy.  There have been many studies which have been carried out on this drug with regard to pregnant women and their prescribed usage of it.  So far, there has been no significant evidence which proves that this prescription drug leads to or causes birth defects or any harm to the unborn fetus.

Still, in order to be totally safe you want to tell your doctor if you believe you are pregnant, or you’re trying to become pregnant while on this medication.

Plavix is a Category B Drug for Pregnant Women

Plavix is a pregnancy category B drug listed by the FDA which means is that it is a drug that has not undergone extensive testing with human beings but it has done so with lab rats and mice.  While it does appear safe to take while pregnant, it is still something that you need to discuss with your doctor to gain a better understanding about it.

Plavix During Breastfeeding

Research has not proven whether or not Plavix passes through the mother’s body into her breast milk, or what, if any affects might occur within the baby if you nurse while on this medication.  Because of the lack of information it is highly recommended that you don’t breastfeed while taking this prescription drug.