Vyvanse Abuse and Addiction

by on May 24, 2012

Vyvanse is prescribed to children and adults who suffer from ADHD. While this medication has helped many people to live normal lives, countless others have abused and misused this medication. If used for prolonged periods of time, patients may become addicted to this amphetamine-based drug. Written prescriptions for this medication have to be renewed each month and cannot be faxed or phoned through to a pharmacy.

A Controlled Substance

Vyvanse is classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance because of the fact that it can become highly addictive, especially if it is abused. Many people misuse this medication by combining it with alcohol or other prescription medications, which can have devastating side effects. That is why there are so many strict regulations in place that control the dispensing and use of this medication. Prescriptions have to be provided to the pharmacist in hard copy format each month and may not be transferred from one patient to another under any circumstances.

How Easily Do People Become Addicted to Vyvanse?

When this medication is used as prescribed by a doctor, it is usually completely safe. However, if they are used at higher doses than prescribed, it may lead to feelings of euphoria (feeling “high”) which can become addictive before the patient even realizes it. Before they know it, they are using higher and higher doses of the medication in order to experience these feelings. This is when they become addicted to it and are at a high risk of experiencing severe and even life-threatening side effects from the continuous overdoses.

How to Prevent Vyvanse Addiction and Abuse

Patients need to be made aware of the potential dangers of overdosing on this medication before they start using it. It is always important to follow a doctor’s orders and prescription advice when using this medication to ensure that addiction does not occur. Patients who have a history of drug or prescription medication abuse should under no circumstances use this medication. That is why it is important for patients to disclose their full medical history when receiving prescriptions for new medications.

If a patient becomes addicted to Vyvanse, it is important for them to realize that they have a problem and seek help immediately. This can either be in the form of counseling or a drug rehabilitation center. Here, they will be able to receive professional help to break their addiction to Vyvanse.