Zoloft and Grapefruit

by on May 24, 2012

Zoloft is generally a safe medication but if mixed with the wrong substances, it can be harmful to the body. One thing few people consider dangerous is grapefruit and grapefruit juice.

Should Grapefruit be Avoided While Taking Zoloft?

It is not recommended that patients taking Zoloft eat or drink anything with grapefruit or grapefruit juice in order to avoid interactions.

Grapefruit can cause Zoloft to be absorbed at faster rate resulting in a spike of the drug in the blood stream.  This can lead to an overdose and other side effects such nausea, mood swings, agitation, itchy skin and dizziness.

Some pharmacists and doctors will warn patients to not consume grapefruit with Zoloft but others may not. It is especially harmful to patients just starting Zoloft because it will increase the dose in their blood stream to unsafe levels. Patients taking Zoloft should be to read product labels to avoid any grapefruit products.

What To Do If There is a Grapefruit-Zoloft Interaction

In case of a Zoloft and grapefruit interaction, most of the symptoms of may pass within a week or so. If the symptoms worsen, such as tremors, vomiting, fever, or impaired motor skills a physician should be contacted. On average the symptoms do not get worse than mildly uncomfortable. If a large amount of grapefruit is ingested and the symptoms worsen, it is best to call a doctor to ensure safety. This is not a life threatening concern but an overdose of Zoloft can cause very serious side effects.

Consult a Doctor

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before changing diet, exercise or medication. A physician will be able to help make a plan with patients and create a healthy lifestyle.

Some doctors will recommend patients begin consuming grapefruit. These patients should talk with their doctor about their Zoloft usage and decide which will have the greater benefit, Zoloft or grapefruit. Changing or stopping medication without first consulting a healthcare professional is never advisable. A doctor is the best resource to help patients make healthy choices.