Metamucil During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

by on May 4, 2012

Metamucil is typically safe for pregnant women, as it is derived from a plant-based supplement. However, pregnant women are still encouraged to speak with their doctor before taking this supplement.

Typically, laxatives are not recommended during pregnancy because it can disrupt the digestive system and can either mask contractions or cause stomach issues that appear to be contractions. However, since Metamucil is not a true laxative, most doctors will approve its use even during pregnancy.

Metamucil is generally safe for new mothers to take. Many new mothers that are breastfeeding do not get enough fiber from their diet, so they may choose to take a supplement like Metamucil. However, it is unknown as to whether Metamucil and its ingredients are passed to a newborn baby when breastfeeding. Research regarding this occurrence has not been done, and it is not known whether Metamucil is safe for use in newborns. It is recommended that mothers that are breast-feeding consult with their physicians before taking this drug.