Crestor and Grapefruit

by on April 29, 2012

Patients taking statin drugs are often advised to avoid Grapefruit juice and products that contain grapefruit. However..

Can you take Crestor with Grapefruit?

Yes.  Grapefruit can be consumed while undergoing treatment with Crestor.  Unlike other statins Crestor works in a different way to lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that Crestor has more a mild interaction with Grapefruit in your body, versus Simvastatin, Lipitor or Lovastatin (statins which have been shown to have more intense reactions with grapefruit).

Crestor has an enzyme number of CYP2C9, while Lipitor has an enzyme number of CYP3A4 and each has their own way of interacting with HMG-CoA. Grapefruits have bioflavonoids and other compounds that can prevent the CYP3A4 enzyme from fully working in someone's body.  This makes Crestor a great alternative for consumers who prefer to include Grapefruit as part of their diet while a taking a statin medication.

If you enjoy grapefruit juice, be sure to discuss with your healthcare provider about its possible interaction with Crestor.   Your doctor might still caution you against combining Crestor with grapefruit products or might suggest delaying the consumption of grapefruit for a few hours before or after taking Crestor.   Your doctor might also switching to an alternative drug or may adjust the dosage.  You should monitor for any side effects while taking this drug with grapefruit, although they may be rare.

If you are really worried about whether or not eating grapefruits and taking Crestor is going to inhibit the effectiveness of your treatment, then cutting it out of your diet completely may be the best option. There are other fruits and veggies that can be substituted for Grapefruit.