Crestor Dosage

by on April 29, 2012

Crestor (Rosuvastatin) is commonly prescribed to men over 50 and women over 60 who are more likely to suffer from heart disease.   The dosage of Crestor that maybe prescribed will depending on a number of factors.  Age and physical condition are just two things that need to be gauged by a physician on an individual basis.

There are also some other drugs that will negatively interact with a Crestor dosage, and this will also influence the milligrams of any pills.

The beginning dosage is usually in the neighborhood of 5 mg.  There are also 10 mg starting pills that can be prescribed by doctors.  These dosages are ideal to see how the body will react.  If there are no ample improvements, physicians can prescribe higher Crestor dosages.

Crestor and niacin or fenofibrate

When Crestor is taken it makes the body more prone to skeletal muscle problems.  This can be even more pronounced in patients who are currently taking a supplement of niacin or fenofibrate.  In these particular situations, patients should be sure to consume no more than 10 mg per day.  This is the maximum safe dosage.  People with renal problems may also want to consult their doctor about their dosage.  The recommended maximum for patients with severe renal problems is 10 mg.  However, usually a lower dosage such as 5 mg is sufficient.

Higher dosage ranges

Some patients may be taking 20 mg of Crestor, and their lipid levels are still too high.  In these situations, it is possible to steadily increase the dosage until it reaches 40 mg daily.  It is imperative for doctors to perform lipid level tests after 40 days.  This ensures that there is an accurate measurement to see just how much improvement there is.  Doctors can then decide if patients still need to lower their levels by a significant degree.  It is possible to take 40 mg daily, and it helps thousands of patients achieve significiantly lower cholesterol levels.