Ketamine and Alcohol

by on April 25, 2012

Ketamine is usually administered as an anaesthetic for minor dental and surgical procedures which do not require full relaxation of the skeletal and muscular systems. In some cases, this drug is also given to patients who suffer from severe migraines and some forms of depression. Since Ketamine can interact with herbal remedies, pharmaceutical medications and alcohol, it is important for the patient to advise his or her doctor if they make use of any of these substances.

A Risky Cocktail

Because Ketamine is also used as an illegal recreational drug, many people are concerned about the side effects it may have when consumed in conjunction with alcohol. Unfortunately, this combination can pose serious health risks to users.

In normal circumstances, Ketamine can cause drowsiness and impairment of motor skills. When combined with alcohol, these side effects can be far worse and take a lot longer to wear off. If patients engage in combining Ketamine and alcohol, it is important for them to wait for the effects to wear off before they attempt to drive or do anything else that requires them to be completely alert.

Side Effects

Patients who use Ketamine on its own can experience side effects such as mood changes, vomiting and nausea. When this drug is combined with alcohol, the effects are much more intense in that patients have reported experiencing amnesia, delusions and hallucinations.

Because of this (as well as the fact that Ketamine is completely tasteless), it is unfortunately also used as a date rape drug. Women who enjoy drinking on a night out need to be especially aware of this, because there is no way for them to tell if it has been added to their drink. If it has, they will have no recall of anything that happened either. It is vitally important that you only accept drinks from people you know and trust.

When used for its intended purpose, Ketamine can be very useful. However, when abused and used in conjunction with any form of alcohol, the patient can experience dangerous side effects which can be fatal in some cases. It is always important to ensure that Ketamine is only used for its intended purposes and not as a recreational drug, as some of the side effects can result in a lifetime of regret.