Lipitor and Alcohol

by on April 30, 2012

Lipitor should not be taken with large amounts of alcohol, as alcohol can alter the way the medication acts within the body. This article will explain how Lipitor interacts with Alcohol, if moderate drinking is ok while taking Lipitor, and the signs to look for if the drug interaction is damaging to liver tissue. As many people believe that consuming alcohol while on Lipitor, if done properly, will not interfere with the affects that Lipitor has, this article will also explain why this is not always the case.

Individuals taking Lipitor and drinking alcohol amounts should be wary of the following effects, as these signs can be indicative of liver tissue damage and/or worse.

  • unexplained muscle pain or heaviness
  • tenderness, or weakness
  • fever
  • unexplained fatigue
  • lower back pain
  • dark colored urine

Generally the dosages of Lipitor are administered at lower levels and then altered to find the right dosage for the patient. Patients should be particularly mindful of alcohol consumption during this time. Moderate drinking, two drinks or less, generally is ok, however, excessive drinking and/or poor diet, in conjunction with other factors may limit or constrain the positive effects of taking Lipitor. Both Lipitor and alcohol will alter the way that the liver functions and both are well known to have degenerative effects on the liver. Therefore, patients taking Lipitor and drinking alcohol should be mindful that the degenerative effect on the liver tissue can be heightened if combined.