Lipitor and Memory Loss

by on April 30, 2012

While many people can avoid high cholesterol by maintaining a nutritious diet and exercise regimen, it may not be enough for others. Lipitor is currently one of the most popular drugs on the market for lowering cholesterol, however, it has a reputation for having deleterious effects on memory.

Approximately 360,000 users of Lipitor have reported some form of negative side effect relating to memory. Some users have indicated that they are becoming forgetful only days after starting on the prescription. Others have claimed that they feel dizzy and disoriented after taking the medication, sometimes to the point of nearly fainting. Even more users believe that Lipitor causes them to have moments of confusion. The most disturbing news comes from long term users who are sure that they have had permanent memory loss as a result of the drug.

As disturbing as many of these claims seem to be, many health professionals do not believe that Lipitor is the sole cause for these symptoms. This is because there are far too many other factors that could potentially affect an individual's body. These variables might include diet, exercise, genetics, other diseases, direct environment, and many more. It is just not possible to conclude that Lipitor is the cause of any memory loss or other related health problems. However, doctors have not completely disregarded the drug as a possible cause of memory loss. Research has shown that patients who originally took Lipitor and had the side-effects either completely lost them or had them significantly reduced after being prescribed an alternative medication.

What to do if you experience memory loss while taking Lipitor

So what should you do if you are experiencing memory loss or cognitive impairment as a result of taking Lipitor?  The best thing you can do is to speak with your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing.   But there are additional steps you can take:

First, eat a healthy diet and exercise on a daily basis if you aren't already doing so. Proper nutrition and exercise will help the organs function optimally. Some "brain foods" include berries, nuts, vegetables, eggs, tea, yogurt, and dark chocolate. Including brain foods into your daily eating can significantly boost your energy and concentration levels. Another excellent way to help retain and improve memory is to participate in memory activities. Memory games, such as those that require you to reiterate a long list of numbers, word, or objects can be extremely beneficial for the brain. In general, participating in any regular critical thinking activity will help to keep your mind sharp.

In conclusion, Lipitor does have some real consequences for certain users. Unfortunately, these consequences cannot be directly attributed to the drug alone. There are far too many other variables at work to determine the exact cause. If you are experiencing severe problems from taking Lipitor, consult your physician to see if you should stop taking the drug. If you have second thoughts about getting a prescription for Lipitor, choose another cholesterol medication.