Spiriva Dosage

by on July 19, 2012

In general, there is only one standard dosage of Spiriva recommended for people of all ages, weight and medical conditions. However, depending on your situation, it is possible for you to get a different regimen. Do not adjust your dose or stop taking this medicine without the approval of your healthcare provider.

Management of Symptoms of COPD

The usual maintenance dose of Spiriva HandiHaler for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is two puffs of the powder contents of one Spiriva capsule taken once a day. It should not be used more than once in any 24-hour period.

The capsule should not be swallowed or else the intended effects on the lungs will not be achieved. Spiriva capsules are designed only for oral inhalation using the specific HandiHaler device.

Spiriva HandiHaler includes the HandiHaler device and Spiriva capsules. Each light green Spiriva capsule contains 18 mcg of tiotropium in dry powder form.

To use the Spiriva HandiHaler, the capsule should be places in the center of the chamber of the device. To pierce the content of the Spiriva capsule, you need to press and release the green piercing button found on the side of the inhaler device. The dry powder containing triotropium formulation is then released and dispersed into the air stream. The user must inhale the entire powder through the mouthpiece.

Use in Special Populations

Usually, no dosage adjustment is necessary when used in older adults and individuals with kidney or liver impairment. However, patients with moderate to severe kidney problems should be closely monitored for possible anticholinergic effects.

Important Things to Remember

People taking Spiriva should remember the following:

  • This medication should be inhaled into the lungs once daily. It may be taken at any time of the day, as much as possible, take it around the same time of the day.
  • Spiriva is supplied in capsule form but it should never be swallowed. It should be used together with Spiriva HandiHaler to puncture and release its dry powder content. Use the specific inhaler device to effectively deliver the medication to the lungs.
  • It is essential for you to learn how to properly use Spiriva HandiHaler. Read the instruction manual or ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist to demonstrate how to use it.
  • For Spiriva to work properly, it should be taken exactly as prescribed. It should be taken regularly and avoid missing any dose.
  • If you miss a dose, use the medication as soon as you remember it. However, if the missed dose is close to the next dose, skip it and wait until the regular scheduled dose. Do not double dose to make up the missed dose.
  • If you are unsure or have any questions about the use of Spiriva or your dosage, consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Do not discontinue taking this medication unless specifically instructed by your healthcare provider.