Lantus Dosage

by on April 21, 2012

Lantus generally is injected inside the fat layer and skin of the upper arm, stomach, or thigh one time per day. For the treatment of Type 2 diabetes in individuals who aren’t presently utilizing any insulin, the beginning dose of Lantus is usually ten units one time per day. But, the dosage varies depending upon additional clinical conditions you have, additional medicines you’re taking, and how you respond to Lantus.

Dosing Guidelines

Lantus should be used one time per day, at the same time on each day.. If you’re utilizing it to replace an additional long-acting (one- or two-times-per day) insulin, one unit-for-unit dosage conversion usually will work fine. In other terms, if you presently consume twenty units of a long-acting insulin/day, the Lantus dose will be twenty units one time per day or ten units two times per day. Within a few instances (like while changing from a two-times-per-day insulin to Lantus), a somewhat lower Lantus dosage might be advised. A few dose adjustments might be needed, based upon how you respond to Lantus.

For individuals who have Type 2 diabetes, if you aren’t presently utilizing any insulin, it’ll typically begin at ten units one time per day. A healthcare provider will utilize your response to the beginning Lantus dose (as measured by blood sugar levels) to advise any dosage alterations.

Other considerations for individuals taking Lantus include

  • A healthcare provider will show you how to inject this drug. It could be injected inside the fat layer and skin of the abs (tummy), thigh or upper arm. Select one of those 3 regions, and rotate the injection sites inside your selected region, yet don’t rotate between separate regions, as Lantus might be absorbed differently from different regions.
  • Lantus is available in vials and disposable SoloSTAR® pen tool. In order to utilize the pens, you’ll require certain kinds of needles referred to as ‘pen needles.’ Every time you inject this drug, you’ll have to utilize a new needle. To utilize Lantus from a vial, you’ll require insulin syringes that have needles.
  • Due to Lantus being a solution, not suspension, you do not have to swirl or shake it.
  • Avoid mixing Lantus with any additional insulin within the same syringe. Don’t dilute Lantus.
  • For the diabetes drug to properly work, it has to be consumed as prescribed. Lantus won’t work if you quit taking it. Be certain to observe your blood sugar levels as the doctor advises.