Lantus During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

by on April 18, 2012

The FDA utilizes a category system in order to classify the potential risks to the fetus as a certain medication is consumed while pregnant.  Lantus is categorized as a Pregnancy Category C, which is a classification given to drugs that appear to cause harm in the fetus of animals but have not been studied on humans.

Many healthcare providers are not comfortable with recommending the use of Lantus and other newer insulin that have not been studied to pregnant women. However, pregnant women that have diabetes and are already taking Lantus should discuss other treatment options with their doctor, and they will likely need more prenatal care than the typical pregnant woman.

Breastfeeding and Lantus

Even though no studies were conducted on breastfeeding and Lantus, most physicians are comfortable prescribing Lantus to women still breastfeeding. If Lantus passes through breast milk to the nursing baby, it is not very likely to lead to issues, as the insulin will be destroyed inside the infant's digestive tract.

During this time, it isn’t known if Lantus does pass through breast milk. Thus, you must speak to your physician prior to consuming Lantus if you’re breastfeeding or are prepared to begin.