Strattera Dosage

by on June 16, 2012

Strattera (atamoxetine) is taken as a capsule and these come in different strengths, and each one has a different color code, with either one color or two. The different strengths and capsule colours are:

  • 10mg is white
  • 18mg is gold and white
  • 25mg is blue and white
  • 40mg is blue
  • 60mg is blue and gold
  • 80mg is brown and white
  • 100mg is brown

Dosage of Strattera

For Children and Adolescents up to 70kg in weight: the starting dose should be assessed by weight, and should be 0.5mg/kg.

Over a few days your physician will increase the dose to 1.2mg/kg. A child weighing less than 70kg should not take more than 100mg a day.  The medication can either be taken in the morning, or divided into two and half taken in the morning and half in the early evening. You should not take the medication later than 6pm to prevent sleep disturbances. You should not open the capsule but should swallow it whole. If you or your child has problems swallowing Strattera capsules whole, you need to see your physician about this as the powder inside the capsules is very irritating to the eyes if opened.

For Adolescents and Adults weighing 70kg or more: the starting dose should be 40mg, and will be increased over a few days to 80mg. The dosagee can be increased to 100mg if needed. The medication should be taken either in the morning or divided into two and half taken in the morning and half in the early evening. You should not take the tablets later than 6pm to prevent sleep disturbances.  You should swallow the capsules whole and not open them.  If you cannot swallow the tablets whole, consult your physician for a suitable alternative medication.

What to Remember when taking Strattera

  • Strattera should be kept in a cool, dark place out of the reach of children. You should never give your Strattera medication to anyone else, even if they have the same symptoms as you.
  • You should take your Strattera medication as prescribed and follow the advice given to you by your doctor or pharmacist, and read the patient information label inside the packet before use. You should stop taking the medicine if you develop an allergic reaction, and go and see your physician.
  • If you have liver problems, your doctor may give you a smaller dose of Strattera to allow you to process this more easily and prevent you from suffering excessive side-effects.
  • Rarely, some patients with undiagnosed liver disease can respond badly to Strattera. You should seek medical attention if you develop nausea, abdominal pain, darkened urine, and yellowing of the skin whilst taking Strattera.
  • Another rare but significant effect of taking Strattera that needs to be monitored for is suicidal thoughts. You should monitor yourself for depressive thoughts and symptoms, and if you notice any you should report this to your physician who will decide what to do next.