Strattera Withdrawal

by on June 16, 2012

Some medications taken can result in a bodily dependence on the drug. When you then stop taking the medication, you have to wean yourself off of it slowly to prevent yourself from suffering negative withdrawal symptoms.

Unlike stimulant medications for ADHD, Strattera (atamoxetine) is not a drug of dependence. It does not cause euphoria if you take it, and you will not become addicted to it. There is no evidence that you will get any withdrawal symptoms from Strattera. If you stop taking Strattera after a discussion with your physician, there is no need to slowly reduce your medication, you can simply stop taking it and you should be fine.

Some animal studies have shown that the brain effects on rats and monkeys of Strattera could not be distinguished from cocaine. However there haven’t been any ill effects recorded from stopping taking the drug in humans.

You should be aware that your symptoms of ADHD are likely to return once you stop taking Strattera to treat them. This is because Strattera does not cure ADHD, it only treats the symptoms whilst you are taking the medication. You may need to start alternative treatments with stimulant medications such as methylphenidate, or you may use alternative psychological therapies or other techniques to control your ADHD.